Toronto TTC Typeface & Colour Palette

Since moving to Toronto in April I have been continuously impressed by the public transport system within the city! Although I mostly rely on my trusty (if rusty) bike, when I’ve had the occasion to use them buses, streetcars and subways seem to be regular, fairly fast and affordable compared to transport in New Zealand.

However if I’m honest, it’s not the reliability of the TTC that I’ve remarked upon the most, but the typeface used in the majority of the subway stations. It’s a beautifully clean sans serif design, and the more I’ve looked into it the more facinated I have become.

Here is a look at signage and colour palettes of the subway stations. Most of which use the geometric Toronto subway typeface, and some use an inconsistent mix of fonts.
(This is an ongoing project so I’ll be adding pics as I explore the 74 stations.)

Bloor – Danforth Line
(West to East)

Kipling (one of the signs that uses an alternative typeface)
TTC Kipling Station

TTC Islington Station

Royal York
TTC Royal York Station

Old Mill

Toronto TTC Jane Station

Toronto TTC Runnymede Station

St. George

Yonge – University – Spadina Line
(North to South to North again)

Osgood Station sign collage


Here are some links to more information about the Toronto subway typeface

  1. Spacing Store – fan badges for all the subway stations
  2. Dominion Modern video of graphic designer David Vereschagin discussing the Toronto Subway Typeface
  3. Toronto Subway font (based on the original lettering) by David Vereschagin’s Quadrat design studio
  4. Link to the Quadrat blog with some great pics of other TTC signage
  5. Dominion Modern ‘Toronto Subway: A Love Story’ exhibition info
  6. Article on BlogTo about Toronto Subway Font exhibit
  7. Fascinating presentation notes for a talk on ‘Type in the Toronto Subway’ by journalist and author Joe Clark
  8. Visual look at the typeface used in the subway stations – from Joe Clark’s website
  9. Article on typeface from interior design firm Mason Studio