The Creative Process of a Graphic Designer

The creative process can be a bit of a mystery to some clients. They might imagine there to be a muse whispering in the designers ear or that innovative solutions jump onto the page after swilling cold brew coffee and spinning on expensive ergonomic chairs. (Watch Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk on ‘Your elusive creative genius’ here).

While this might be the case for some lucky (and hip) designers and other creatives out there, I find that while I move intuitively towards solutions on some projects, on others I need more of a structure to spark ideas. Over the years I have developed my design process, and more recently have compiled a toolkit. This is a resource for problem solving and idea generation techniques that I can use as a starting point. If you think this could be useful in your design process you can download it here for free.

It refers to ideas from a number of sources which I would recommend to anyone hoping to fine-tune their own process (see list below). Over the last month I have started to explore the human-centred design model as developed by, and am taking the Acumen+ course ‘Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design’ (found here). I plan to bring this thinking into my process so hope to update this document in the future. Stay tuned!

Download Toolkit


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