Ramsys POS redesign

Project goals and constraints

I was approached by the software company Ramsys to work on a user interface redesign project for their tablet based Point of Sale system. The goal was to redesign the interface of core screens as a guideline for future software development, in the process creating a consistent style guide that could be adopted for all external facing digital assets (web, email & product). Some important constraints on the scope of the project were design time (2 weeks), development resource and a fairly rigid software architecture.

  • The goal behind the redesign of the POS was to deliver a more user-friendly experience and to design a more elegant interface
  • There were concerns that the current UI was not user friendly, and the design was dated therefore undermining the credibility of the product
  • The key tasks flows for me to prioritise were sales and stock lookup

Initial steps

After discussion with the team I was taken through a demo of the POS software making notes of how the system was used and the key flows that were integral to a customer service operative to successfully input a sales transaction. We discussed what was the objective of the redesign, which areas of the flow were a priority to optimise and which user actions would you like to encourage most. These questions helped me to understand the business and user goals and what we all agreed would be a realistic handover from me to the the development team after the 2 week contract.


1. Sketch

After going through the sales process of the original design with the customer success manager, where she highlighted key pain points, I created many sketches of the main screens in the sales flow, and iterations of designs and layouts to try and minimise the friction for the process.

2. Test

Using UserTesting.com and the Ramsys team I tested the wireframes and iterated on the design across three rounds of designs/test/iterate. The main pain points from the user tests were prioritised and addressed as I needed to be conscious of time available.

3. Design

After the wireframes had been developed in Sketch, I started to develop the visual language that could be adopted across the rest of the Ramsys brand.
Choosing a bright, clean set of colours, a modern typeface (that needed to be native on Window’s tablets as the primary device) and plenty of whitespace I developed a UI and brand style guide.


Ramsys-screen01 Ramsys-screen02

Handover to developer

I developed a brand style document to hand over to the Foxpro developer who was updating the UI of the POS app.
Invision Prototype


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